Get to know Me. I'm pretty cool.


Maybe we all say that, and maybe we all want to believe it, but there are some that just don't fit the mold right from the start.

The Write Destination began out of the very concept of not fitting in, of not meeting the expectations of the world, and finding a path less traveled. 

When I began my career, I was on the marketing team at a boutique agency in South Florida, with celebrity clients and model-filled events. But while our clients were high-class, our tactics weren't. We used some of the oldest (and cheapest) tricks in the book and a ton of free services that our clients didn't know about. It worked, but it wasn't adaptable. It relied solely on short-lived promotion and word of mouth.

There were many others like it as I swept from one state to another, but there were other breeds of digital marketing agencies as well. There were agencies that focused on social media strategy, influencer marketing, thought leadership... niche agencies, no niche agencies... In all appearances, there are niche digital marketing services out there for everyone. 

The ones that disturbed me the most were the content marketing agencies, the ones that focus exclusively on content and organic search.


I know, I know, that's what The Write Destination is, for the most part. 

But let me get to why I cringe away from those agencies, even while freelancing and working hand in hand with many digital marketing agencies across the country. It's a secret they try to keep, but I really think it's worth talking about.

They sell your work.

What do I mean by that? I mean, when you work with agencies whose sole existence is to produce content, they (or at least many of them) contract your work out to other writers at the lowest price possible. This likely means they're working with new writers with little to no experience, willing to write 1,000 words for $30. I know this because I've spoken with and worked with A LOT of agencies across every major city in this nation. 

Why is this bad?

It's understandable that they'd need an extra hand, considering the volume of content they must produce. It's also understandable why they'd want someone to write it affordable, also considering the volume. They assume that they can hand the writer a few keywords and an outline of expectations and they'll just edit what they need to later. 

This sets a precedent for bad work. It caters to the idea that you need to have a blog, simply because that's the thing to do. Sure, additional content on your site each week is great for Google, and it can be great for early-stage engagement in readers. But it leaves out the reality that you CAN and SHOULD get leads from your blog. That it should increase your site's organic traffic. That it should be shared and valued by readers. That it should be part of a marketing strategy. That it should be better than your competitor, be optimized with keywords, draw backlinks, be actionable.

Effective marketing is only possible when you consider that every piece of content is an effort towards building your brand, nurturing leads, and growing your business. 

This concept of selling content to the lowest bidder, for pennies on the word, made me realize that businesses are being cheated. That something had to change. 

I developed The Write Destination to help businesses see the value of content and how it can take your business to unexpected places.