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Get to know Me. I'm pretty cool.


Okay, frankly, I'm not cool at all. But that's kind of the thing of it. I started freelancing because I knew I was a different kind of freelancer. I aim to be an extension of your team, rather than someone you pay a few hundred bucks a month to write regurgitated Google junk. 

I've wanted to be a writer my whole life (though more on the literary side than anything... but I do that too, so it's okay), but I went to college for communications and mass media. I was a talker and figured PR was more of a career than writing. While in college, I started with a boutique PR agency in Florida.

I hated it. 

We had big-name clients like Pit Bull, Ciroc Vodka, Lifetime Fitness... I even went to a launch party with Waka Flocka and Victoria's Secret models. But I found myself connecting with the writing side of the agency and decided to put all of my energy into learning content marketing. 

After graduating and spending time running from life by traipsing through Europe, Turkey, and Australia for a couple years, I landed in Colorado and started my first in-house full-time content writing position. After a few years of that, I began working with content marketing agencies in Denver. 

As much as I LOVED content marketing and writing for business... I hated writing for agencies. Actually, I hated working in-house too. 


Well, while in-house (I'd gained 30% more leads in my first 2 months there), I continually thought "I could be doing this at home" and "I could finish this in half the time if I wasn't so distracted here" and "I could be making a heck of a lot more money than this". 

While with agencies, I realized "why am I not in on content strategy meetings with these clients?", "Why am I not able to get information from these clients about something they're supposed to be experts on", and "the turnover is so fast, I can't get expert insights on this"... in addition to knowing that the expectation was that I simply Google all of the information. Essentially rewriting what was already out there and ranking. My articles still ranked number 1 on Google (30 top-ranking articles for just 3 clients), but they weren't as audience-focused and intent-based as I thought they could be. 

What's worse, I knew they weren't spending the proper time on content strategy, because I was writing articles that didn't suit the intent of the customer.

So, I went freelance

I now work with several tech start ups, large B2B SaaS companies, and dozens more. So far, I've worked with over 50 brands. My clients get something different with me. I spend the time collecting audience insights, interviewing subject matter experts, and getting to know your brand, voice, and goals- then helping you reach them.

Now, let me tell you a few fun things about me:

  • I love travel, and make a point to do at least one international trip a year (don't worry, I can bring my work with me)

  • I'm learning Turkish & German (My family is from Germany but didn't teach me, and my boyfriend is from Turkey)

  • I've been a competitive runner since I was 10

  • I'm not good at anything besides writing and running

  • I'm always working on a novel

Strange things I hate to admit:

  • I don't have favorites. I mean, I literally can't choose a favorite anything (besides my boyfriend, my favorite person)

  • I drive in silence and don't even notice it

  • I run without music too

My hobbies:

  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Running

  • Rock climbing

  • Snowboarding

  • Hiking

  • Really, I like a lot of different outdoor sports and adventurous stuff like kayaking and bungee jumping. 

I'm a bit different, but that's the way I like it. 

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