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FAQ's, Process, & RATES

Most people have questions when they reach out to me, and frankly, I'm sure there are some you just can't think of right away. This page is to answer everything you want to know about my rates and process.

If you have any questions, or would like to work with me...

What are my rates?


Articles:  begin at $750 per 1,000 words, though this range may vary depending on the research required. More technical content may be subject to a higher price point. 

Website copy (non-technical): $1,000 per page (up to 1,000 words- additional fees for technical or longer content)

Blog updates (mostly for SEO): ~$500 per post up to 1,500 words (may vary based on length and amount of edits needed; generally this rate due to the reality that I'll likely be rewriting a lot and adding fresh content)

Content strategy: $3,000 per month (based on 2-4 articles a month, additional content planning is subject to additional fees)

What is included in my rates?

Articles include: 

  • Interviews with subject matter experts (internal or external)

  • Coordination calls

  • Research

  • Writing

  • SEO

  • Metadata

  • Interlinking

  • Image suggestions (if applicable. I may include screenshots if I'm demonstrating or explaining a process)

  • 1 round of edits

  • Addition of CTAs

For website copy:

SEO optimized web page content, created only after I've spoken with representatives in your company to understand brand, audience, tone, messaging, and goals.

Where available, I'll also read reviews of your products/ services, listen to recorded calls, speak with sales associates and other client-facing employees to understand audience pains and language.

Blog updates: Updates are generally for SEO optimization and light reframing of sentences for better flow. But some articles may include additional content, reframing the article to better match the audience, and interlinking. In such case, I'll quote a higher rate since this is beyond what I normally do at such a price range.

Content strategy includes:

  • Audience insights (which is pretty comprehensive and includes a lot of interviews, digging into calls, talks with the team, and more)

  • Keyword research (I'll focus on intent-based words, not generic words that'll get drowned out by bigger competitors) 

  • Content calendar (which will be broken down based on top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content)

  • Distribution checklist (A primary and secondary list for each article, far beyond social media)

Why are my prices what they are?

Companies that hire me want really high-quality content that actually gets them somewhere. Meaning, the content will rank, but it will also draw the right crowd and keep them engaged, stand out from the pack, and convert.

I have a lot of experience in-house, at agencies, and as a freelancer both exclusively for agencies and B2B companies. BUT, it's my unique use of subject matter experts, SEO, and conversational but high-quality writing that people come to me for.

Companies are looking for writers that not only write, but rank and convert, and I have a proven approach.

Do I offer a discount if you have a lot of work available for me?

Unfortunately, no. Most of my clients stick with me for a long time, so it would be unfair to everyone if I did so. 


What is my availability? How soon can I start?

Generally, I try to start within a week of contracts signed, but my schedule can fill up pretty fast and on short notice. I always say that the best way to guarantee my time is to give me your content schedule for the entire month, as soon as it's available (if you'd like me to work on those projects, of course). 

What is my turnaround time?

Generally, a week, but it can take longer based on interviews I set with subject matter experts. If you have deadlines for these projects though, I'll meet them so long as you're willing to understand I need time for interviews and research. 

I occasionally turn around projects in a day or two depending on the size and scope. It really just varies. 

What are the first steps after deciding to work with me? My process?

It's fairly simple:

1. I'd send a proposal

2. You accept

3. I create a contract

4. We sign

5. I start scheduling interviews to understand your goals, brand voice, and project(s). 

How many rounds of edits do I do?

Up to 2, but this almost never happens. Usually, clients are satisfied with the original copy or do their own edits in-house based on their preferences.

What's my payment process? Do I accept credit card/ ACH transfers?

I currently offer payments with Paypal, credit card, ACH transfer (wire transfer), direct deposit, Zelle, and Stripe. 

What I need from you before we start:

One of the most common questions I get after a company decides to work with me, is "what do you need to get started?"

It varies, but the first step is almost always to learn about the project itself (usually in the form of a project brief- I have a template if you'd like me to provide you one to fill out)

This allows me to get a feel for what you need, and whom I need to speak to, and we can go from there. 

Other things I may need:

  • Link to your website

  • Examples of previous similar work if you'd like me to maintain format and voice/ style

  • Any contract or documents you need me to sign

  • Any information you can give me on your audience and brand

  • Add me to your project management system/ Slack, if you have em

**Bonus: If we're working together long-term, I would prefer to be added as a user on your Google Analytics account so that I may assess the results of my content.

If I'm doing content strategy for you, this is a must. 

Other things you need to know:

I work hard to be an extension of your team rather than an outside asset. If we're continuing to work together, I'd like to get to know you and the team and may even help you optimize other areas of your marketing. 

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