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The Write Destination is a content marketing agency focused on generating leads, signups, and traffic, through good content and even better content promotion. I'll take over your blog, from blog idea conception and planning to execution and promotion so you can focus on other aspects of growing your business, like customer satisfaction.

 if you're ready to discover how I can improve your content, rankings, and conversions. 


content marketing services I offer

While my focus is on generating leads through excellent articles that reach your target audience, some of my clients choose to work with me on a more... a la carte... basis.


For instance, my client Memory AI (creators of the Timely app), hired me to work on their distribution strategy, social media management, and to make regular SEO updates to their existing content. Because of this, I offer the above services, and more, for any client that wishes it. Here are some of the services you can hire me for: 

  • Content idea generation/ target audience research- I research your target audience to identify the types of content they're searching for and the types of content that are most likely to get them to convert.

  • Content Strategy/ briefs- I develop a content marketing strategy tailored to your unique business and your business goals, taking into consideration the content most likely to generate leads for your business. 

  • Content Writing-  I work to develop SEO optimized blog posts that converts your potential customers into leads. Depending on the content, this may include interviews with leaders in the industry, experts from your business, or even customers themselves.

  • Distribution Strategy/ Content Promotion- Even if you utilize keywords and SEO best practices, content works best when it can be found everywhere your target audience hangs out. We'll find the communities, bookmarking sites, blogs, and news sites that already reach your audience, and promote your posts.

Other Content services

  • Content briefs- If you have an in-house writer or work with freelancers, I can create content briefs for your team. Essentially, briefs are outlines of the content, and include the kind of information your writers will need to write the piece and where they should include that content. I offer basic briefs, and more comprehensive ones if you'd like to interview subject matter experts or customers. 

  • SEO updates- I update existing content for keywords that make your pages more searchable for your target audience. I can do this for website copy, landing pages, product descriptions, and articles/ blog posts.

  • Content Calendars- Have an in-house writer, but don't know what kind of content you'll need to write to generate leads for your business? I can put together a list of ideas and/ or a content calendar to get your team going.

Types of content I create

  • Blogs/ articles

  • Website copy

  • Landing pages

  • Guest blogs

  • Product descriptions

  • ebooks

My Experience

In 2013, I started my career at a boutique public relations agency in South Florida, working with clients like Ciroc Vodka, Miami Subs, and iPic Theaters. There, I learned the art of getting free press for clients. When I moved to Denver, I began working in-house as the only content marketer for one of the largest lumber warehouses in the state and their annex granite company. In my first two months in that position, I was able to increase their call leads by 30%. 

After that, I began working with dozens of content marketing agencies across the country via contracts, and discovered that the type of content they were producing were more along the lines of fluff pieces with no real value. 

I began The Write Destination to write content that produces real results for clients like Rocky Mountain Forest Products, Memory AI, Supreme Golf, Marriott, and GoGuardian. You'll find some of those results on my case studies and testimonials pages.  

Benefits of working with me

  • Lead generation- Some content marketing agencies produce content for the sake of content because they know even weekly SEO content boosts your site's visibility and authority. But I write to generate leads.

  • Simple process- I want to make lead generation through content simple, and I want to keep you in the loop. When you work with me, I engage with you at every step. I've developed templates and content systems that make the process of generating content ideas and promoting content easier for you and me. 

  • No commitment- I work on a month-to-month basis and provide progress reports every quarter so you can judge how well I'm doing for your brand. You can choose how long our relationship lasts. 

  • More affordable- You can hire an agency for thousands a month, just so they can pay freelancer writers $30 to write articles that don't do much for you. Or, you can save your money and work with me. My rates start at $500 per 1,000 words. 

 To learn more about my process and rates, check my FAQ & rate page.

Work With Me!

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