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While Landing More Of Your Best Clients

You have a LOT of content to produce, but no extra hands on the team (and you just can’t do it all, no matter what your CEO says). I’ve helped companies go from a 1 marketer team to 5 in less than a year, and earn deals of $64k from a single piece of content. 

"Before working with Sarah, we were getting calls from potential customers saying they didn't want to buy from us because our site didn't look professional. After two months with her, we stopped receiving calls, and our leads increased by 30%."

-Chris Anello, Sales Manager, RMFP

Your CEO wants CONTENT (and loads of it), but you don't have a content specialist on the team

Time and time again, teams are flooded with content requests - social media campaigns, landing pages, and customer service wants email templates.... Then you have a new product launch to advertise, a newsletter to send out weekly, a blog to run, a podcast someone on the team wanted to give a go. Oh... and there are talks of a website redo, because the content is just (le sigh). 

Face it. You can't do it all. Even larger teams have a hard time keeping up with everything, and from what I've seen, most teams aren't that large. In fact, it might just be you on the other side of the screen (hey). 



Chances are, you've tried a few freelancers in the past. 


They don't know how to address the pain points of your audience, within the content itself.

They write boring, college paper intros that tell your audience they'll find the same droll, regurgitated info they find everywhere else online.

When you ask them "how do your write your copy?" or "what's your research and writing process?" they simply answer: "I search online"

They make more work for you in the end, because you have to spend more time training them, editing their work, and optimizing.

Why is it so hard to find good writers?

You fear the person that cuts corners... who just guesses or whose research extends only into the dusty bowels of Google searches. THAT is the type of content that is simple a regurgitation of what already exists.

You want to create unique content, and perhaps finding it a bit hard to do so, because none of the writers seem to get it. 

If you don't fully know how to create content that converts...

And you can't find the right writers that have the know how and the skills...

You're stuck on the bad content hampster wheel.

Here's the thing:

A lot of companies turn to agencies, realizing that they don't have the content expertise in-house. Unfortunately, a lot of agencies rely on underpaid freelancers that have to churn out a lot of work to make ends meet. 

These writers often don't have access to the client, and those agencies often don't conduct any SME interviews or pass along resources that'll help the writer create truly compelling copy.

So, you decide to cut out the middle man and work directly with the writer.

However, if you're still paying a lower wage, you're still working with writers that have to churn out a lot of content in order to survive. This means they don't have a lot of time to invest in improving their craft, interviewing SMEs, and finding alternative sources.

The days of creating a ton of content based on keywords, and hoping you reel in enough traffic to get some percentage of conversion are over. Poor content just doesn't get attention anymore. Not from your audience, and not from Google.

In an ideal world, you'll be able to hire a writer, give them a few prompts, and they'll just run with it.

But we don't live in that kind of world. In fact, it's the worst writers that'll simply take a topic and run with it.

The best writers need a lot.

Hence, why it can be hard to find good writers.

It's actually a paradox.

The best writers need resources and involvement from companies. They also charge more. 

But budgets are tight. There aren't always enough resources. You're bootstrapped as it is. Oh, and you're expected to work miracles. 

Want to learn more about how the system of hiring writers is flawed, and how to get around it?

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You need the right writer, and the right content, with the right topic

The right writer should be able to...

Understand your brand and your audience to address their pain points and position you as an expert in the solution

Write compelling copy that doesn't make people want to beat their head against the wall

Interview the right experts, both internally and externally, and use all resources available to create expert-level content

Reduce your workload, free up your bandwidth, and help you grow your team and your revenue



Here's the truth:


I just act as an investigative journalist.

If the company I'm writing for is claiming to be an expert on PPC ads, which is the best option?

A) I look up a bunch of articles on PPC ads to learn before I write

B) Ask experts from other companies about PPC ads

C) Ask the PPC experts within the PPC company that I'm writing for

I choose C every time.

YOU are the experts in your industry and your brand. You have all the benefit of years of knowledge in your position, and other SMEs in your company have that same benefit.

For instance, when I worked with, I was often put in touch with account managers, product specialists, and even engineers to tell me the biggest issues with searchability, how e-commerce stores are currently solving things, their workarounds, etc. 

I could do a lot of my own research, sure. But then I'd just be restating what everyone else is already saying. I wouldn't have anything new, fresh... 

It wouldn't matter if I were to spend 20 years marketing for e-commerce, I would still need those expert insights from the people implementing and building those tools. 

"But we don't want you to interview our SMEs for every article!! That'll take so much time, and we don't want to bother everyone. They're already so busy"

Don't worry. That just means we need to McGuiver it. I'll show you how.


"Sarah is easily one of the best writers I've ever worked with. Her communication, timeliness, and quality of work is exceptional. My only regret is not working with her sooner. A+++"

-Jacob Statler, Director of Marketing, Stat Digital


The last thing you want is more work.


The second to last thing you don't want is more work for your team and all the SMEs we may need to make truly expert- level  content.

In the beginning, creating conversion worthy content can seem like a lot of asks.

My streamlined process has the templates, tools, and organization to find and store all of your new and ALREADY EXISTING key insights that we can use again and again to create content. 

You'll save hours, and even years, of manual scraping and mining.

With me writing you're content, you'll:

Address the pain points of your audience

We'll narrow your audience to sharply focus on solving real audience pains. Content should be a way to get past hesitations, and enable sales.

Be seen by your targets as THE industry expert

Be the first brand that comes to mind when they think of your solution. It only comes with repeated messaging and strong expert content.

Reel in leads from even single pieces of content

Look like the hero in the eyes of your CEO

A single piece of content CAN actually convert readers into customers, and bring in big $$$. 

Start bringing in leads with content, proving the ROI, and you'll be the company's hero, if not its revenue leader.

When your CEO trusts you, you get the budget for even more wins

testimonial for writing

Two words: Sarah delivers. In complex, technical environments with 40 page e-books to writing pillar pages for an agency, Sarah is the most competent writer I’ve found for cybersecurity, B2B SaaS, and highly technical products. Her pricing may be on the high side, but she is an A-grade copywriter. ChatGPT and other AI can’t touch her. 

-Islin Munisteri, Founder, Theia Marketing

This is the same system I use to bring in my own clients

Not only have I been able to bring in several clients from single case studies and articles on my own website. My methods and style of writing have increased my monthly income 4x what I made in-house.

It's also helped me land speaking gigs on podcasts like that of CoSchedule, and consistently be named the "Content Distribution Queen" on LinkedIn.

Now... it's your turn.

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Stop wasting time, money, energy, and valuable resources on agencies and tools that don't actual deliver what they say they will. If you really want to drive revenue through content, and capture your real target audience, you need to start investing.

As low as $1000 /mo

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