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Before we chat, there are some things you should know:
Cut the crap, what kind of $$ we talkin'??

We'll talk about the scope of your project or content needs to set a retainer amount. On average, my clients spend just $3,000 per month for ongoing monthly retainers, both in content creation. For content strategy, my retainers are a minimum of $9,000 for 

I find this fits well with most teams, allowing them to generate great monthly content without breaking the bank on content alone. 

What's the process like, if we were to work together on content?

It's pretty simple... We'd have a discovery call to learn about your brand, goals, audience, and needs. You'd provide me a cadence for monthly work, all of the resources I'd need to do my best work, and I'd maybe set up a few internal interviews for details on certain topics... then we'd get down to work.

What's the process like, if we were to work together on content strategy?

I like to keep it simple:

1. Discovery call

2. Connect communication and project management systems (Slack & Asana, for example)

3. Pull all existing insights and important docs, such as branding docs and demos

4. Pull existing audience research

5. Conduct audience research, if we need more insights

6. Match insights from research to keywords

7. Create content calendar based on goals and the right mix of content

8.Create briefs for the writer(s)

9. Plan distribution (included on briefs)

10. Set up content metrics

What kind of resources do we need to have to get started with content strategy?

-Brand documents (if you have them)

-Any recorded calls or demos (if I'm securely able to access them)

-Any surveys you've conducted on audience or employees about the audience

-Any reviews, testimonials, case studies you have on file

-Intake forms you have on file

-Any social listening docs you have 

Essentially, anything that helps me understand your audience, their mind, their hesitations, pains, and needs. 

I also request access to Google Analytics, or any other system you track your metrics in. If you don't have the right conversion goals set up, this will be something we will work on to ensure we're seeing real results from our content. If you're not able to grant me access, sometimes I'm able to get access as a guest with limitations, basically just to view the metrics. Or, you can simply share insights with me, so I can measure results as we move along. 

I work a lot like an agency, in that I take over a lot of the marketing aspects for you to ensure you're organized, aligned, and not performing marketing that isn't working for you. 

What kind of resources do we need to have to get started with content writing?

Because I produce expert-level content, I need some insights. Remember, YOU are the expert. I'm just the journalist. So, I need:

-Brand documents (if you have them)

-An example article of a voice or tone or format that you'd like me to follow

-Any existing ebooks, articles, interviews that pertain to the topics I'll write about and that'll help inform the articles themselves (and me, of course)

-A means of communicating with an internal SME (slack is a great option for really quick questions. This can be useful as a time saver while still getting all the great insights). We may also set up interviews to inform the articles. 

-If you have it, or can make it quickly... a list of your existing articles that I can link to. It's very helpful if these are organized by topic as well. If you don't have this, that's fine, I can do a site search. The reason I ask is because site search doesn't always pull up relevant ebooks, landing pages, articles, or anything else such as promotions that you'd like me to link to.

What does pricing include?

For all of my services, pricing automatically includes discovery calls, interviews, emails and regular check ins, and edits. 

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