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Sick of creating content that doesn’t move the needle, but you do it anyway because you have to look busy? Lucky for you, the solution also makes your job easier.

This is NOT content strategy

(despite what that one agency told you)

words that have no intent

Vague keyword masterlist
keyword masterlist
content calendar
useless content calendar
boring A** article
What goes into an ideal customer profile

Building a content strategy can be challenging. The best place to start: build your ideal customer profile. 

Define who you're selling to and you have a solid foundation for growth. Your ICP is your foundation. 

The wrong topics for your audience

Blah content that no one actually wants to read

Why doesn't that work???

Think about it... "What goes into an ideal customer profile" ?


You have to ask yourself who is reading that. It likely isn't a decision-maker. 

Like I said, it’s missing any real strategy.


Some agencies (and maybe you do too) honestly just go to Ahrefs, type in a few keywords, and export the list of related keywords in your industry. 


That’s it.


That’s the whole strategy.


It’s not your fault. We’ve all been told this is the way to do it. 

But here’s what’s missing (besides the strategy):


Audience insights (when was the last time you spoke to a customer?)

A narrow view of your ICP (yeah, most personas suck too)

Keyword intent (for all you know, you’re only attracting curious and not actual clients)

Distribution (your one and done publishing wastes time and money)

Success metrics, and a way to measure them (you don’t know your ROI, and it shows)

Worse, your content strategy only focuses on articles, leaving every other channel in the ditch.

A strategy here, a strategy there.... Sorry, but John your community manager posting what they want on social doesn’t help you build a brand message.  Nor does the suggestion from your VP that all of your marketing topics should be on "marketing budgets because it's trending right now. Plus, with all those ask from other departments for emails and landing pages, you don't have a lot of time.

What a good content strategy should do:

Be usable by all teams

Whether it's community, social, email, your newsletter... everything should tie together into a singular strategy, with a singular message.

Answer your audience

There's no better source of content ideas than your audience. Instead of relying on vague keywords, I go straight to the readers and decision makers.

Bring in leads

A lot of people thinks articles are just something you do for brand awareness. But articles can, and should, convert readers to clients. 

If you feel like you've been personally victimized by predatory marketing agencies (#not all agencies)... this is why.

A real content strategy...

Utilizes repeatable systems and frameworks to free up time and resources


Bakes distribution into the plan right from the start



Integrates all of your marketing tactics and channels

Aligns your organization under one brand strand


Illustrated Map

"Sarah is easily one of the best writers I've ever worked with. Her communication, timeliness, and quality of work is exceptional. My only regret is not working with her sooner. A+++"

-Jacob Statler, Director of Marketing, Stat Digital

Alexa Young, CA

I’ve spent the last 10 years figuring out how to 10x revenue from content


while slashing overproduction and sporadic planning, and freeing up bandwidth


I started in-house, with PR firms in Florida, a B2C company, then agencies across the country, helping them grow leads by 30% in just 2 months, scaling their marketing teams, and writing for over 60 brands before I found the solution. It required a lot of streamlining, and getting a lot closer to the brands I worked with to create...



They’re essentially plug and play frameworks that help you focus on the content that truly adds value to your company, and forgetting the rest.


I create a set of repeatable processes for production, strategy, audience research, hiring and onboarding, and distribution to make your life easier.


To create the best content possible, we’ll build resources that’ll take your content to the next level– content repository, audience research, and interviews.

An absolute gem. She asks the right questions, researches your industry, and makes sure you get the right copy for your demographic. She gets uncomfortable and really digs deep by understanding pain points. That might mean speaking to high-level execs, a founder, myself our customers or our staff. No one has ever done this. Other copywriters detest talking to people to understand a demographic. Not Sarah!

-Puya Turkiyan, Smartcast Group

On the way to reducing your workload

Getting snacks for the road (aka collecting data)

Launch & execution

I’ll deliver the exact plan to create the most compelling content for your specific audience. No fluff, no weak keywords, and no budget wasted on content that doesn’t move the needle. 

We have all our provisions, a destination, and a map. Now it's time to work together to get there. 

Data collection can take 2-4 weeks, and typically consists of: speaking with your sales and customer success teams, pilfering reviews, conducting interviews, and scouring social media.


Strategy for the journey

Strategy for getting to our destinationPlane? Train? Automobile? Our own two feet? We'll make a plan for reaching your best customers, wherever they may be– we’ll find all that out in the data we’ve collected. 

Swapping deets

We’re still strangers, so before we commit to taking this journey to better content together, let’s get to know each other. I find out your needs, and you find out how I’ll fulfill them. 

'Sarah did an excellent job of seeding my content to significantly boost traffic to my website and helped boost awareness around my products and services, too. She was a pleasure to work with."

Kaleigh Moore, DTC Consultant


  • How many hours do you bill for when making a content strategy?
    I don’t bill by the hour, just by project flat rates.
  • How much is this going to cost me?
    The minimum engagement for a 3 month period is $5,000 but could extend upwards of $20,000 per month depending on your needs. On average, the total cost for 3 months is $6,500 for a standard content strategy with audience research, keyword research, content calendar and content brief creation, and distribution planning. I do offer writing services depending on my availability and your blogging cadence. I can also pair you with other writers in my network to execute the strategy.
  • What if I need help with writing/ executing the content strategy?
    I do offer writing services depending on my availability and your blogging cadence. I can also pair you with other writers in my network to execute the strategy. Distribution services and writing services are both on offer with additional fees.
  • How long does it take to create a content strategy?
    Generally, it can take 4-8 weeks to build a full content strategy, depending on the resources you currently have available, your needs, how quickly we can schedule interviews, and the number of blog posts you’d like to produce within a month (which often depends on audience needs, budget, team capacity and capabilities, and distribution capacity).
  • How long does a typical content strategy last?
    We plan for one quarter at a time, and that is how billing is set up as well. However, we are able to extend content strategies to 6 months at a time depending on your needs, budget, cadence, capacity, etc. This may be subject to additional fees, though not always the full strategy fee if you have a lower publishing cadence (1-2 articles per month).
  • Why is this process so long?
    Why is this process so long? Because it’s a lot of data points. If you don’t have a feedback loop, we may help you create one.
  • What's your niche expertise? Can you write for our industry?
    My main industries/ niches are in SaaS, Martech, and ecommerce. However, I've written for every industry, from cardboard cutout signs to fashion and jewelry. While I do try to stay with my 3 main niches, there are occassionally times when I'll take work outside of those areas (particularly if a brand I'd really like to work with finds me). While I don't always have experience in the industries I write for, I work as a journalist, doing my research and speaking to both internal and external experts to inform the piece.
  • What's included in a basic content strategy plan?
    For a standard content strategy with audience research, keyword research, content calendar and content brief creation, and distribution planning.

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